Expedition Gunnerside

  • NO/EN
  • 15+ pers
  • 4 t
  • Gaustatoppen, Rjukan

Follow in the footsteps of the “The Heroes of Telemark”.  These young men blew up the heavy water factory in the small town of Rjukan in Telemark, which delayed the impact the Germans had during World War 2.

The heavy water was one of the ingredience used to make a nuclear bomb. This unique and very important saboteur mission is often used as an example of a successful military mission, but also of great leadership and creativity as there were no shots fired or casualties.

The Expedition Gunnerside evolves this unique story in an interactive and exciting way through short expeditions on historic grounds, meals enjoyed outside in pure Norwegian nature and, if you like a once in a lifetime experience, you can also sleep under the stars at the Hardangervidda Plateau. For groups we even challenge you in interactive and fun tasks linked to the story of the saboteurs. Contact us for a tailored program to your needs.

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